5 Reasons Tiny Home Living Was Awful

Tiny home living is not for everyone. I thought tiny home living was going to be AWESOME! Then I lived in a tiny home for a year....  

5 Reasons Tiny Home Living Was Awful from www.goingzerowaste.com #tinyhome #zerowaste #minimalliving

I was so convinced that I was ready for tiny home living, I was looking at buying an RV so I could quit my full-time job and travel the US.

I mean, that sounds pretty awesome right? Travel the world, blog, and have no boss?? 

But after living in a 325 sq. ft. tiny home, I can attest... it was not that awesome. In fact it made my life pretty miserable.

As I'm sure you know, layout is everything. Living in a tiny home that's laid out well, might have been awesome, but The house I was living in was NOT laid out very well.

This tiny home was built in the 30s. There were three small windows and even on a bright sunny day, you'd have to have all the lights on in the house because it was just dark. 

The kitchen and bathroom weren't that bad.... but I definitely could have gone for some more counter space in the kitchen. I really like to cook and meal prep, and only having one small wedge of counter space made it difficult to prep large quantities of food. 

There also wasn't an appropriate dining area. It was hard to fit two people at the table.... so we definitely weren't able to entertain which is something I love. 

Another huge downside was not having a defined living and sleeping space. My bed was my couch, desk, and sleeping area. It was rough... especially rough on my posture. Add all of that to the lack of windows, and it was just a recipe for disaster. 

I started working for Pela Case freelance in February so I was working from home all day....

2 adults and a 50lb dog in a 325 sq. ft. is just really tight quarters. 

I don't regret making the choice to give tiny home living a try, but it's definitely something I'm glad to be leaving behind.

A couple of the points that I left out of the video are schedules and being creative. 


Justin and I are both on completely opposite schedules. He's a night owl and I'm an early riser. When we were living in the tiny home he was finishing his audio engineering degree and working at Fantasy Studios. 

He would often be working late night recording sessions. When you walk into the tiny home you walk straight into the bedroom/living room so he'd come home when I was trying to sleep. It would wake up the dog and get her all excited. She would need to go out.

Then I would wake him up when I tried to make breakfast and get work done in the morning. It was just a mess. 

being creative: 

The tiny home definitely forced me to be creative, like having to take photos in the bathroom at 4 PM with a piece of card stock on top of the commode because it was the only well lit area in the house. 

And, while that worked sometimes, other times it just didn't and I think my blog suffered because of it. I wasn't able to take pictures easily (lack of light) and I just felt stifled. I didn't feel happy, positive, and upbeat like I normally do and I think that came through in my work. 

For the other five reasons I hated tiny home living, watch the video below.

What do you think? Do you love tiny home living? Hate it? Willing to give it a try? 

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