10 Things I Don't Buy Anymore

Minimalism and zero waste share some core tennants, one of them being BUY LESS. After all the first word in the most popular eco-friendly phrase is REDUCE in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I have saved so much money, by just not buying stuff and only opting to bring the items that I truly love and need into my life.

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1. plastic water bottles:

I’ve been plastic water bottle free for four years and counting! I’m honestly embarrassed by how much money I used to spend on plastic water bottles in college.

Now, you’ll typically find me carrying an insulated Dopper Bottle or a Klean Kanteen!

2. kuerig pods:

I’ve never owned a kuerig, but my boyfriend in college did so I would buy myself hot chocolate pods to use when I was over at his apartment.

If you've got a Keurig, why not switch to reusable pods, you'll save a BUNCH of money and your coffee will taste better because it's fresh!

3. pads & tampons:

Omigosh, I’m saving so much money by switching to reusables. Whether you wear a cup, cloth pads, or my personal favorite Thinx! Then you know that you too can be saving a bunch of money.

And, you’ll never have to worry about running out products and having to run to the corner store at 11 pm on a Tuesday night.

If you’re interested in trying thinx, you can get $10 off with this link.

4. paper towels:

I have a great blog post and video on breaking up with paper towels. Because let’s be honest, paper towels are spendy!

Instead, I use cotton rags. I don’t recommend microfiber cloths because they shed micro-plastics in the washing machine. Check out my post The Problem With Microplastics.

Most people have a problem with reusable cloth towels because they push water around instead of absorbing it so my recommendation is to go for cloth towels with a wide weave .

Bar rags do a great job! Fold em up, store em in a tiny basket so they're super convenient for you!

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5. plastic baggies:

BE GONE! There are SO many solutions to this simple plastic conundrum, here’s just a few:

6. Spongeless:

Swapping out sponges has been one of the greates swaps I’ve made because the compostable counterparts aren’t only better for the environment, but they also slay on the savings side. The compostable scrubs last for years... YEARS - I TELL YOU.

Plus, you’ve got a lot of options!

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7. no more pre-packed "convenience" foods:

I broke up with pre-packed “convenience” foods. I put convenience in quotes because I’m not entirely sure how “convenient” these items really are.

I was constantly reaching for chips, oreos, and poptarts, but now I reach for things like apples, bananas, and oranges which are equally convenient and have a better nutrition profile!

That’s just one of t he ways that going zero waste helped to improve my health. That’s not saying I never snack.

I still buy treats at the bulk store and make homemade poptarts, but I’m very intentional about them rather than just snacking mindlessly.

8. broke up with fast fashion:

I said buh-bye to fast fashion. I realized that so many of my purchases were mindless, needless, and completely devoid of a plan. I still buy clothes, but opt for secondhand and ethical purchases. Now, when I buy, I’m very intentional about those purchases!

9. cotton balls/cloth pads:

Instead of letting my toner absorb into a reusable cloth pad, I put my toner in a spray bottle! Boom, less waste and one less thing to buy.

Pour your toner into a spray bottle, and then spritz your face and let it air dry. I used an old spray bottle, but also have several of these and LOVE them.

This one simple swap has doubled the life of my toner bottle! And, my skin care routine isn’t cheap so I love that I’m saving money and wasting less.

My zero waste skin care routine - morning edition
Zero waste makeup brands
Zero waste skincare brands

10. aluminum foil:

I used to buy a lot of aluminum foil, I used it for everything from lining pans to tenting pies and wrapping up that lone pizza slice.

Thankfully there are reusable products when fill all of these voids.

For that lone pizza or pie slice beeswax wraps do the trick! To shield your pie crust try these. And, if you want something non-stick for baking check out Silpats they also work great for freezing!

These are the 10 things that I no longer buy. Do you have something you no longer buy since switching to a zero waste lifestyle?