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I have several workshops available that are ideal for smaller audiences 10-20 and workshops for up to 50. They focus on DIY beauty products like toothpowder, lip balm, or body butter. I also offer several on food like root to tip cooking, fast seasonal meals and veggies for kids. 

public speaking

I offer several zero waste presentations that can be adjusted for an audience of five to fifty or more. Times vary between 20 and 60 minutes to fit your schedule. 

  • Back to the Basics: Living like Our Grandparents
  • Zero Waste: Bridging the Gap Between Principle and Practice
  • 10 Ways You Can Cut Your Trash and Reduce Your Impact Today

If you're interested in a different workshop or speaking topic, send me an email. We can discuss new topics perfect for your event!



I would love to chat with you about zero waste. You can send me an email to set up a time to skype, grab coffee, or we can just exchange emails. Head on over to my contact form and let's chat! 

You can also view my press page to see my previous interviews. 







Do you have an eco friendly brand? Are you looking for a way to reach an eco-conscious and actively engaged audience? Send me an email! I would love to chat with you and send you my media kit. 

I only work with brands I really love and will offer value to people's lives. You can read more about it on my disclosure page. I offer blog posts, videos, and social media posts. 







Green, eco, sustainable - what does it all mean? It can be difficult to wade through the labels when getting started. How do you know what's green washing and what's not? What sustainable products should you invest in, and which ones aren't really necessary? How do you navigate the grocery store when all you see is plastic? Can you even go zero waste on a budget? 

Man, oh, man - I have been there before. I made a spreadsheet mapping out everything! Potential expenses, benefits, cost/worth analysis, grocery price comparison, buy/make analysis - the list goes on. 

It can be really overwhelming knowing you want to change, but you're not sure where to start. Skip the months of trial and error, and join me for one-on-one consulting/cheerleading! Positivity is the key to success. Together we can make a difference!